The LG G2 Android smartphone has a 5.2 inch, scratch-resistant, 16:9 HD display that stretches from edge-to-edge creating a large touchscreen surface using less space. The 13 MP primary camera with built-in image stabilization and the auto-focus feature that uses 9 focal points to make your pictures as brilliant as ever will amaze you and your friends. You will love the LG G2's innovative button design with power and volume buttons on the back of the phone so you can easily operate the device without getting a cramp in your hand. The LG G2 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 900 quad-core processer and has enough power to get you through the day with its 3000 mAh battery with plenty of talk-time. (Tags: LG G2; G2; G-2; G 2)



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