FREE Samsung Galaxy S4 for AT&T

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is everything you are looking for in a 4G LTE Android smartphone. The incredibly wide 5-inch HD Super AMOLDED touchscreen display makes the Galaxy S4 perfect for watching movies, playing games, and even browsing the web, while also fitting nicely into your pocket or purse. The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes equipped with a Smart Pause technology that knows when you look away and pauses your device for you, then resumes as soon as you look back at the display. Capture all of the fun with the S4's amazing 13MP primary camera and HD video that allows you to shoot video with the front and rear cameras simultaneously. The S4 also snaps panoramic pictures so you can capture the entire scene, has LED flash, and auto-focus.



AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 (AT&T)
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