FREE Samsung Galaxy S III Mini for AT&T

The Samsung Galaxy S III Mini is an Android 4G LTE Smartphone with a lot packed into a small and affordable design. Just like its big brother the Galaxy S III, the S III Mini gives you a new era of social interactions to share with other devices and friends. The S III Mini's curved display design makes scratching your smartphone harder to do. The 5MP primary camera with zero shutter-lag shutter and auto focus, will give you captivating pictures and video to share and post on social media. The preloaded Google Wallet app allows you to store virtual versions of your credit cards on this smartphone so that you can have everything you need in one place. The Samsung Galaxy S III Mini has a more simplified home screen with larger fonts and icons, allowing you to focus on the apps that mean the most to you.



AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III Mini (AT&T)
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