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Nextel Cell Phone DealsNextel is the nation's leading walkie talkie cell phone provider. Get the Nextel Direct Connect & Group Connect Services function with any Nextel cell phone. Order your free Nextel cell phone with new Nextel cell phone plan or upgrade with contract extension and be connected instantly!

Kyocera DuraCore (Nextel)
  • An Affordable Flip Phone With Rugged Features and Sprint Direct Connect
  • The Core Push-to-talk Feature Is Designed For Interoperability Across Sprint and Nextel
  • Mil-Spec Lite Certified For Vibration, Dust, Shock, Immersion, and Temperature Extremes
  • 3.2MP Camera/Camcorder With Flash To Capture Pictures and Video Anywhere
  • Stay Safe With Speakerphone and Hands-free Stereo Bluetooth Capability
  • Turn-by-turn, Voice-guided Directions and Maps With Built-in GPS and TeleNav
  • Communicate With Up To 35 Direct Connect Subscribers At The Same Time With TeamDC
  • Call Alert with Text- Send An Audio Alert With An Optional Text Message To Other Subscribers
  • Group Connect- Communicate With Up To 20 Sprint Direct Connect Subscribers At Once- Nationwide
  • No Data Plan Required

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    About Nextel Phones & Plans

    Nextel is well-known for the walkie-talkie or push-to-talk features that it offers on every cell phones. You can instantly connect with the world's largest walkie-talkie network, including over 17 million people, at the push of a button. Talk to Nextel customer any nationwide from coast to coas, and internationally between the U.S. and up to five countries. Best of all, most of the plans gives you unlimited walkie-talkie minutes. So, what are you waiting for. Get free Nextel phones today plus cash back!

    We offer Nextel family and individual plans!

    Order your new Nextel Instant Communication Cell phone from SelectiveMobile.com and save time and money! Our prices are at least $100-$250 cheaper than buying a Nextel cell phone directly from the carrier!

    Communicate Instantly!

    If you need Nextel for your business you know that our Nextel phones (Walkie-Talkie phones) are the ones you want. We have the popular Motorola Push-to-Talk Nationwide Walkie Talkie phones. With Nextel you can instantly speak with family and friends as well as with colleagues or workers.

    If your company's success depends on your ability to locate, deploy and communicate with field employees in a fast and efficient manner Nextel’s Direct Connect is perfect. Construction and transportation businesses in particular are popular Nextel phone users because Nextel provides an instant solution to complex logistical situations.

    Having a durable, easy-to-use Nextel phone means you won't have an excuse anymore. Your phone will simply work for you! Nextel is making families closer and increasing productivity in the workplace.

    Featured Nextel Cell Phones

    Our Nextel phones like the Nextel i850 camera phone and the BlackBerry 7520 smartphone, with built-in GPS, are capable of pinpointing locations in seconds. We feature a complete line of "cash back" Nextel Motorola phones for sale; meaning that you actually make money on our Nextel phones after rebate.

    We also have a huge variety FREE Nextel phones. The Motorola i710 has become a favorite of our Nextel customers. Besides having cutting edge Nextel features like Direct Talk and Direct Group, Motorola i850 is extremely durable, stylish and easy to operate.The popular Nextel i850 includes an external display area so you can identify caller ID quickly.

    In addition to the Motorola i850, we now have available for the first time ever an exclusive limited time offer for the next generation Motorola i870 with Bluetooth. Because this Nextel phone comes with Bluetooth and a high resolution 1.3 megapixel camera it has become an increasingly popular Nextel phone. Make sure to give this one a close look before making any purchasing decisions! If you loved the i870, you will adore the new Motorola i880, it's awesome!

    Nextel Smartphone

    The Motorola i930, is one of our hot sellers. If you are about to pack your suite case and travel around the world don't forget to take the Motorola i930 with you! Besides Pocket Explorer and Pocket Outlook this phone functions in over one hundred countries around the globe. With an MP3 player and digital camera to snap some pics you'll be totally satisfied with your Motorola i930 purchase.

    Nextel Extra Services

    We have a huge variety of Nextel data service plans to meet your needs. If you require a plan for email only, choose from our Nextel plans and you can add a voice rate plan to an email plan and save $5.00.

    Nextel Web Services puts the power of the internet in your hand. Getting the latest news flash, sports scores and weather reports is easy and fast with Nextel Web Services. You are always updated and on top-of-the-world with your Nextel cell phone.

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